Fact sheet: “Accompanying family” simplified procedure


Residence permits, Talent Passports and intra-company transfer (ICT) permits granted to foreign investors, company directors, startup owners and employees make it easier for your family to come to France with you.


Family members may be eligible for residence rights as well as access to employment through the ‘accompanying family’ procedure.


Family members who are EU, EEA or Swiss citizens can freely enter and stay in France. Algerian citizens are covered by a specific scheme.

Helpful tip: Families not eligible for this simplified procedure can apply for a residence permit separately from the main applicant (e.g. as a visitor).

Otherwise, families have the option of coming to France on grounds of family reunification. Family reunification applies to foreign nationals who have been lawfully resident in France for at least 18 months and who wish to be joined by their spouse and children.

For further details on the family reunification procedure, see service-public.fr.


Simplified procedure

The simplified ‘accompanying family’ procedure is open to spouses and children under the age of 18 who are dependents of the holder of one of the following multi-year  residence permit:

Permit held by foreign national Permit automatically issued to spouse Dependent children
‘Talent Passport – Family’ permit
Residence permit: Intra-Company Transfer « Salarié détaché ICT » Intra-company transfer – Family’ (Salarié détaché ICT – Famille) permit
Residence permit: Intra-Company Transfer « Salarié détaché mobile ICT » Intra-company transfer - Family’ (Salarié détaché mobile ICT- Famille) permit

*Applies to children who were under the age of 18 when they entered France and who apply for a residence permit in the year they turn 18.


Helpful tip:When the family is already together in an EU Member State and living there for at least 18 months, the spouse and children are automatically eligible for a multi-year residence permit if they apply within one month of entering France.

Length of stay

The permit is valid for the remaining validity period of the residence permit held by the spouse or parent.

Access to paid employment

Multi-year ‘Family’ residence permits are equivalent to work permits. Their holders may undertake any paid employment.

Obtaining a residence permit

Where to apply?

If your family lives outside France, they should apply to the French consular authorities in their usual place of residence.
The application for a long-stay visa marked ‘Passeport Talent – Famille’ or ‘Salarié détaché ICT’, authorizing entry into French territory, is initiated on France-visas.gouv.fr official website.

The long-stay visa can be applied for either at the same time as the main applicant or in delayed time.

Once in France, the corresponding residence permit should be applied for at the relevant Préfecture in the place of residence.

Find the relevant Préfecture

If your family is already resident in France, your spouse, or your child upon becoming an adult, must apply to the Préfecture in their place of residence for a change of status in order to obtain a multi-year residence permit.

 Find the relevant Préfecture

Documents required

Applicants can obtain a list of exactly which documents are required from the authority responsible for handling the application, either in person or via its website. It is also accessible on the official website: France-visas.gouv.fr.

As an indication, you can download a list of documents that must be submitted with an application for a multi-year residence permit under the ‘accompanying family’ procedure.

List of documents to provide


Administrative cost: €269