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Business France Invest’s mission is to help foreign companies to set up in France.

The Welcome Office provides information to foreign companies and their subsidiaries on how to organize the mobility of their directors and employees and on how to recruit international talent.

Settling in France


Discover all the information you need for the professional mobility of international talents in France.

Visas, staying, working

Visas / Residence-permit / Work permit / Accompanying family

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Social protection

Seconded employees / Employees registered in France / Entrepreneurs

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French tax resident / Non tax resident

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Employment regulations

Employment contract / Termination of contract

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Day-to-day life

Discover France / Education / Banking / Driving in France / Housing

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France welcomes international talent

Welcome to La French Tech


Experts talks

The new French Tech visa program

The French Tech Visa is a dedicated procedure for obtaining a Talent Passport residence permit in the 3 ...

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Dematerialization of resident card application and renewal procedures

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Doing Business: Welcoming talents

France, an attractive destination for investors, business creators, managers and foreign executives!

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