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You can make your project reality in France thanks in particular to the “Talent Passport” and a number of mechanisms specially for you. Read on to find out all the details!


To engage in a commercial, industrial or craft activity for more than 3 months in France, any national of a non-Member State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland must apply for a residence permit. British nationals must now also apply for a residence permit as set out below for all arrivals after January 1, 2021.

For more information, read our dedicated sheet ” Fact sheet : British nationals and their family members “


Helpful tip: Certain professions are referred to as “regulated” and require specific diplomas. Feel free to request information sufficiently in advance.


Several residence permits are available to entrepreneurs. Foreign founders of start-ups can be granted the multi-year “Talent Passport” if they meet the eligibility conditions specific to the reason for their stay in France. 


Which residence permit?

Audience Eligibility criteria Residence permit issued Duration of residence permit
Company founders Company founders must provide evidence of:
  • A qualification corresponding to a master’s degree or equivalent, or at least five years’ commensurate professional experience.
  • Existence of a real and serious plan to form an economically viable business in France.
  • An investment of at least €30,000 in the planned business.
  • Sufficient annual financial means corresponding to the statutory national minimum wage (SMIC), i.e. €21,203.00 as of January 1, 2024
Talent Passport - "New Business" multi-year residence permit Up to 4 years, renewable
Startup founders Startup founders must provide evidence of:
  • An innovative business project they want to develop in France.
  • Recognition of the project by a public-sector body (central government, local authorities, public institutions, public corporation, etc.) ;
  • Sufficient annual financial means corresponding to the statutory national minimum wage (SMIC), i.e. €21,203.00 as of January 1, 2024.
    • Startupers may benefit from the
Talent Passport - "Innovative business project" multi-year residence permit Up to 4 years, renewable
Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs must provide evidence of:
  • an activity compatible with public safety, health and order requirements;
  • an activity economically viable and, if he/she joins an existing company, its capacity to pay himself/herself sufficient remuneration (at least equal to the minimum wage, i.e. €21,203.00 as of January 1, 2024)
“Entrepreneur/Self-Employed” residence permit One year, renewable
Company founders of Algerian nationality Algerian nationals enjoy a derogatory migratory status. To direct a company in France, they must apply for a long-stay visa for merchants, craftspersons, industrialists or the self-employed and, as the case may be, from the Trade and Companies Register or the Trades Register or a professional order. “Entrepreneur/Self-Employed” residence permit One year, renewable

French Tech Visa


La French Tech is dedicated to enabling successful start-ups to emerge, through initiatives from members of its ecosystem. French Tech runs numerous initiatives to attract foreign talent. 


The most recent of these is the French Tech Visa!


The French Tech Visa is a simplified procedure, dedicated to the Tech ecosystem, for three types of international tech talent for the obtention of  a multi-year residence permit, known as the “Passeport Talent” (“Talent Passport”):

  • The French Tech Visa for Founders, dedicated to founders of international start-ups, selected by partner incubators and accelerators.
  • The French Tech Visa for Employees, dedicated to international talent recruited by companies based in France and recognised as innovative by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.
  • The French Tech Visa for Investors, dedicated to international investors establishing themselves in France.


International start-up founders can apply for a “Talent Passport – innovative business project” under the French Tech Visa for Founders Procedure.

start-up founders who have not been selected by a partner incubator cannot benefit from the French Tech Visa for Founders. They nevertheless remain eligible for the Talent Passport – innovative business project pursuant eligibility criteria are met. Find out more in our dedicated fact sheet


Discover the French Tech Visa on the French Tech website

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French Tech Ticket


Another scheme for start-ups is the French Tech Ticket program!

This programme aims to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to set up their start-ups in France, by giving winning international teams the chance to enjoy personalised support.

Winners in previous years were able to benefit from such support as:

  • Project-based financing enabling them to cover their professional expenses and the costs specific to the winning team.
  • A 12-month incubation period with a partner incubator.
  • A “Talent passport Innovative project” residence permit.
  • A dedicated support programme (masterclass, networking event, follow-up by the host structure, sponsorship);
    contact persons for assistance with administrative formalities.
  • Etc.