Renewing a work permit

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If you hold a specific work permit

Your renewal application must be submitted in the two months before your work permit expires.

The following supporting documents must be enclosed with the renewal application:

  • Form Cerfa no. 15186*02 in four copies. Please see the explanatory notes.
  • An excerpt of the annual social security return (DADS) or employer’s electronic report (DSN) concerning the employee or their last three pay slips.
  • Where employment levels may constitute grounds for rejection, evidence of efforts made to find a candidate already in the French labor market.
  • Where applicable, a new fixed-term or permanent employment contract or an amendment to an existing contract.
  • Where applicable, when the duration of the initial assignment is extended, an amendment to the fixed-term employment contract within the limits laid down in the French Labor Code.



If you hold a VLS-TS or residence permit authorizing paid employment


Your renewal application must be submitted to the Préfecture (office of the Prefect, the local representative of national government) in your place of residence in the two months before it expires.
Conditions for the renewal of these residence documents equivalent to work permits are set out in the Residence permits section.


What to do if your employment situation changes


If the reason for your stay in France changes (e.g. from paid employment to starting up your own business), a change of status procedure may be initiated in the two months before the residence permit expires authorizing the foreign national to work in France.

Helpful tip: Some status do not allow the length of stay to be extended once the assignment has been completed (for example, posted employees must leave France once their assignment is completed).

Find out about the change of status on our residence permit section