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Are you coming to work in France as a foreign employee of a company located in France or abroad ?



Whatever the length of your stay for business purposes, you must typically obtain a work permit before you can take up paid employment in France.

A work permit may take various forms:

  • A long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS) or a residence permit authorizing the holder to take up paid employment, like the Talent Passport permit as well as the ‘Intra-company transfer’ residence permit. These residence permits are equivalent to a work permit. No additional steps are necessary. Please see the ‘Residence permits’ section for further details.


  • A specific work permit requested by the employer before arrival in France for people. This work permit is required to obtain a visa and a residence permit. It is thus necessary in particular for the procedures for the introduction of employees on permanent contracts (excluding the Talent Passport), temporary workers on fixed-term contracts and posted workers excluding intra-group mobility.

These work authorizations must be annexed to the single employee register, which is available to the labor inspection supervisors.


The exercise of a regulated profession also implies the possession of a specific diploma or qualification specific to the profession in question (for example: health professions, lawyers or accountants).

Helpful tip: Citizens of a European Union or European Economic Area Member State or Switzerland can work in France without a work permit.

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Exemptions from work permit

A number of employees are exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit :

  • Citizens of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) Member State or Switzerland ;
  • Citizens from outside these countries working lawfully and customarily for an employer established in an EU or EEA Member State or Switzerland in the context of providing a service, subject to proof of a residence permit issued by the European State authorizing work in this State.
  • for a three months or less period, foreign employees who are nationals of third countries, coming to French territory to exercise a salaried professional activity in one of the following fields:
    • Sporting, cultural, artistic and scientific events.
    • Conferences, seminars and trade shows.
    • Production and distribution of cinematic and audiovisual works, shows and recordings.
    • Modeling and artistic posing.
    • Personal service workers and domestic workers working in France during their private employers’ stay in the country.
    • Audit and consulting in IT, management, finance, insurance, architecture and engineering, under the terms of a service agreement or intra-company transfer agreement.
    • Occasional teaching activities by invited lecturers.



The authorities were able to clarify by publishing information these cases of exemption from work permit and the activity sectors concerned.

In addition, the list of documents to provide, to justify the exemption from work permit appearing in Appendix 1 of the information, must be sent to each foreign employee concerned. These documents have to be provided in the evet of a labor inspection.

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