Company directors and entrepreneurs: learn more about social security coverage

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Throughout your stay in France, regardless of its duration, you must be covered by a social protection system.

For company directors and entrepreneurs, the social security system you are covered by in France depends on your company’s legal status and your role within it.

Depending on these factors, you may be covered by:

Investors must ensure that they are covered by private insurance for at least the first three months of their stay in France.

Any foreign national residing in France legally for at least three months can receive a daily sickness or maternity allowance thanks to the Universal Sickness Protection (Protection universelle maladie – PUMA) system. Unpaid directors who hold no other role cannot be registered under the general security system by virtue of their directorship. Thanks to PUMA, the Social Security portion of their medical expenses may be covered.



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While the self-employed are registered under the French social security system in principle, certain self-employed individuals who provide services in France can still be covered by their usual social security system for a limited period of time, subject to terms and conditions, thanks to the various bilateral agreements France has signed.

For more information, visit the Center of European and International Liaisons for Social Security (CLEISS) website