Contribution simulator – Self-employed workers

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On the official assistant for business creators “My Company in France” made available by URSAFF, you will find the resources needed to develop your business, from determining its legal status to hiring.

The URSSAF network is the driving force behind France’s social benefits system. Its primary responsibility is to collect social contributions, which are sources of funding for the general social security system.

URSSAF also provides an income simulator for the self-employed. The above applies to non-salaried workers (individual company manager, majority manager of SARL, sole shareholder manager of EURL, etc.).


Find more information on the social protection of non-salaried workers in our separate fact sheet


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Simulator - Self-employed workers


Exemption for newly-starting businesses in the overseas departments


Entrepreneurs wishing to set up business in the overseas departments (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, French Guiana) may be granted a partial exemption from contributions (health and maternity insurance, daily allowances, family allowances, CSG and CRDS, in particular).

This exemption, intended to facilitate the arrival of new businesses, applies from the date of creation for a period of two years. The social dues and contributions in this respect will not be payable until the end of the 24th month of operation.

This concerns non-salaried workers (individual company managers, majority managers of SARLs, sole shareholder managers of EURLs, majority managers of SNCs, etc.).


Find more information about the social benefits available to non-salaried workers on our dedicated fact sheet.