Registering for social security

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Your employer has a permanent establishment in France


When an employee has never been covered by French Social Security, their employer must carry out the formalities required to register them.

Any company that employs an individual in France must submit a pre-recruitment declaration (DPAE) with the local URSSAF (the government organization in charge of collecting social security and family allowance contributions).

Requests for social security coverage must be submitted to the local Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) using form S1106.

Such requests will allow an individual to register for social security if they do not already possess a social security number.

All employee and employer social security contributions relating to the employee’s occupation will be linked to their social security number.


Helpful tip: Employees and accompanying family holding a ‘Talent Passport’ residence permit should contact the local health insurance fund (Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie – CPAM) in Paris, which centralizes registration requests and handles various formalities (to reimburse healthcare fees, cover costs following an accident at work, etc.). For further information, please visit the website.

It is possible to register online: Click here



Your employer has no establishment in France


Companies headquartered abroad, without a permanent establishment in France, and which hire an employee in France to work in the country must complete all mandatory declarations and pay social security contributions in France to the National Center for Foreign Firms at the following address:



Centre national des firmes étrangères – CNFE

67945 Strasbourg cedex 9

Tél. : 00 33 (0)810 09 26 33 (France et étranger)

Fax : 00 33 (0)3 69 32 30 08 (France et étranger)

courriel :


For further information, please visit:



Applying for health insurance coverage


To ensure that their medical or maternity expenses are covered, an individual must:

  • Be working in France; or
  • Be a stable and regular resident in France for a minimum period of three months.


To register for health insurance coverage, individuals who are not registered with the French social security system must complete and send an “Application for health insurance coverage” form to the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) of their place of residence in France.

This form must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of a passport.
  • For citizens of countries that are not within the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland: a document attesting to the legality of their stay (residence permit, long-stay visa equating to a residence permit, etc.).
  • Short-form birth certificate and a certified translation.
  • Short-form marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • Statement of bank details (RIB).
  • Proof of address.
  • For employees: a photocopy of a pay slip or your employment contract.

Once the local CPAM office has processed the request, it assigns a temporary social security number to the applicant.

This temporary social security number grants the beneficiary the same access to healthcare as a permanent social security number.

Once a permanent number has been assigned, a Vitale health insurance card can be issued.