Fact sheet: The french social security system

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Social Security is the public health insurance system that covers all life risks.


Employees and their families are fully eligible for France’s comprehensive social security system, which includes:

  • Health, maternity, paternity, disability and death insurance.
  • Occupational accident and illness insurance.
  • Government pension contributions.
  • Family allowances.
  • Unemployment benefits.

3 minutes to understand the French Social Security system, an official video from Sécurité sociale



All foreign citizens, whether or not they are an employee, can continue to contribute voluntarily to their home country’s social security system.


Helpful tip:Salaries and bonuses (benefits in kind, expatriation bonuses, etc.) paid to foreign employees registered under the General Social Security System are subject to all the social security contributions payable to France’s mandatory and supplementary insurance funds at the rates in force.

Use the calculator provided by the URSSAF to find out what social security contributions you will be required to pay


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The French social security system is divided into 5 branches:


In the overseas departments and regions (Guadeloupe, Guyane, Réunion et Martinique)

The General Social Security Funds (Caisses Générales de Sécurité Sociale – CGSS) are responsible for managing those risks and actions in mainland France that fall under the responsibility of separate organisations in the areas of illness, maternity, disability, old age, death, widowhood and occupational risks.

View your CGSS and its responsibilities

In Mayotte

The Mayotte Social Security Fund (CSSM) is the single social security body responsible for all five branches of the social security system, under the supervision of the 4 National Funds (CNAM, CNAV, CNAF and ACOSS).

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