Self-employed workers

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The main types of company director in question are:

  • Sole proprietors (including micro-entrepreneurs).
  • Majority directors of limited liability companies (Sociétés à responsabilité limitée – SARL).
  • Directors of single-shareholder limited liability companies (Entreprises unipersonnelle à responsabilité limitée – EURL).

These company directors must register with Sécurité sociale des indépendants (social security for the self-employed or SSI – formerly Régime social des indépendants or RSI), which entitles them to:

  • Health and maternity insurance.
  • Family allowances.
  • A pension, as well as disability and death insurance.

Unlike employees, self-employed individuals do not pay contributions that enable them to be covered for the risks workplace accidents, occupational illness and unemployment.

Of course, one can also take out voluntary insurance.




Company directors who are classed as self-employed workers are affiliated to Sécurité sociale des indépendants (SSI, formerly RSI) from the moment they register their company.

When setting up their company, entrepreneurs must complete a business setup declaration. Once registration is complete, the SSI agency automatically affiliates them and sends out an affiliation notification featuring all the administrative information relating to this registration (this document must be kept for future reference).

Registration with social security therefore takes effect on the official date the company opens for business.

The self-employed join the general scheme in early 2020. Between January 20 and February 17, 2020, the self-employed will gradually be added to the general scheme. All of their current social protection and rights are preserved and their contributions remain unchanged at equal income.

For more information check Secu-independant


Payment of contributions

The company director pays contributions according to their income, so as to obtain certain rights and benefit from social security cover from the moment their business is registered.

Income must be declared using the Déclaration sociale des indépendants (DSI or social security declaration for the self-employed) once a year.

This declaration allows the individual’s contributions to be calculated. The latter are then paid:

  • Monthly, in 12 instalments, by direct debit on the 5th or 20th of each month; or
  • Quarterly, in February, May, August and November.

A calculator allowing you to estimate your contributions is available at the mon-entreprise and websites.

For more information visit the secu-independants website

Transformation du RSI en 2020