The right to vote

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The legal voting age is 18 years old.

To be able to vote, citizens must register on the electoral roll at the municipal offices of their place of residence.

The following individuals are registered automatically:

  • Individuals who have just entered adulthood (aged 18).
  • Individuals who have just been naturalized (on condition that they are over 18).
  • Individuals whose registration has been ordered by a judge.

Foreign Nationals from fellow European Union Member States, who usually reside in France, can vote in municipal and European elections.

To vote in France, they must register on an additional electoral roll, at any time of the year.

To vote in the municipal elections of March 15 and 22, 2020, applications to register must be submitted on February 7, 2020 at the latest.

There are two additional electoral rolls:

  • Electoral roll to vote in European Parliamentary elections.
  • Electoral roll to vote in municipal elections.


An online service is available to register on the electoral rolls.

A copy of an identity document and a proof of address must be provided with the application.

Registration can also take place at the local municipal offices.


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