International school programs

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International schooling is available across France, primarily through the international sections of schools.

International sections are provided in certain state schools and specially contracted private schools.

International school programs stem from partnerships set up between France and foreign countries. They enable children of any nationality to be taught within the French education system by offering them bilingual and bicultural tuition. The educational content and teaching methods employed are largely inspired by those used in the partner countries.

There are international programs at every stage of the school curriculum: elementary school, junior high school (collège) and senior high school (lycée). In senior high schools, only the general streams (Literature, Economics & Social Sciences, and Sciences) have international programs.


Anticipating the procedure as soon as possible is recommended. For further information, click here to download a brochure on international programs (in French and English).


International programs in figures:

  • 510 international programs at the start of 2019 in 284 schools and educational establishments (both in France and establishments teaching in French abroad)
  • 24 foreign partners
  • 17 languages and cultures represented, with American, Arabic, Brazilian, British, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish programs.


For further information (in French):

  • Ministry for Education: International programs in primary schools
  • Ministry for Education: International programs in junior high schools
  • Ministry for Education: International programs in senior high schools