The new French Tech visa program

Is a fast-track residence permit application procedure through which eligible foreign talent can obtain a new “Talent Passport”:

  • Is aimed at foreign tech talent – foreign startup founders and employees, French scaleup employees, and foreign investors.
  • Is open to foreign talent mentored or hired in France by designated members of the French Tech ecosystem (scaleups, startup incubators or accelerators, and venture capital firms).
  • Will be promoted via a targeted global communication campaign in the tech sector, including La French Tech’s global outreach initiatives.

What is the purpose of the French Tech visa program?


Global competition for the brightest tech talent is fierce. In the last three years, efforts to promote and attract the best people have been very much in the spotlight. That’s why it’s important to make the residence permit procedure as pain-free as possible.

France wants to build a reputation for attracting top talent – so we need a straightforward, fast-track residence permit application procedure with minimal red tape.

The government and its agencies have launched a series of programs and initiatives to bring in the best people from abroad. The French Tech initiative reflects a broader ambition – to help French incubators, accelerators, startups, investors and the wider ecosystem attract the foreign talent they need.

If we want to make France a top destination for the brightest people, we need to promote the “Talent Passport” worldwide through targeted communication campaigns.


For further information, please visit the French tech website.

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