You are coming to provide a service

You are coming to provide a service

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A foreign company with no establishment in France can temporarily post its employees to France to perform a service under the terms of a subcontracting agreement. The employer-employee relationship with the employer outside France is maintained.


Helpful tip: If there is no social security agreement between France and the country where the employer is established, employees posted to France to perform a service must be registered with the French social security system. Their employer must therefore pay social security contributions to the URSSAF office in the Bas-Rhin département (Alsace) to finance their social protection.

Further information can be found in the section ‘Social protection’.



Any foreign employee performing a service in France on behalf of their employer, while maintaining their original employment contract, must apply for a residence permit. This does not apply to EU, EEA and Swiss nationals.


Helpful tip: Employees posted to perform a service are not eligible for the multi-year ‘Talent Passport’ or ‘Intra-company transfer’ (Salarié détaché ICT) permits.

Temporary residence permits are not valid as work permits.

The foreign employee’s employer must apply for a work permit to be enclosed with the employee’s residence permit application.

The work permit issued is only valid for the host company named in the work permit application.

For further information, please see the ‘Do you need a work permit?’ section

How long will I be allowed to stay?

The permit will be issued for period over which the service is to be provided, up to 12 months.


Employees posted to provide a service must apply for a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS) marked ‘Temporary worker’ or a temporary residence permit marked ‘Temporary worker’.

Obtaining a residence permit

Employees living outside France should apply to the French consular authorities in their usual place of residence.

Find the relevant diplomatic or consular authority

If the employee is resident in France, the application should be made to the Préfecture in their place of residence.

Applicants can obtain a list of exactly which documents are required from the authority responsible for handling the application, either in person or via its website.

Contact the relevant consular or diplomatic authority or Préfecture to obtain a list of required documents.


As an indication, you can download a list of documents that must be submitted with an application for a temporary residence permit. 

Cost of the residence permit

VLS-TS marked ‘Temporary worker’: €99 visa fee

‘Temporary worker’ temporary residence permit: Applicants must pay a tax of €250 to the French Immigration and Citizenship Office (Office français de l'immigration et de l'intégration – OFII) when the permit is issued. In addition to this tax, stamp duty of €19 is also charged on residence permits.

Extending your stay

Renewal applications must be submitted in the two months before the residence permit expires.

Applications should be made to the Préfecture in the place of residence in France of the employee posted to provide a service.

Find the relevant Préfecture

‘Temporary worker’ residence permits can be renewed for a duration equal to that of the following, even where this is more than one year, in two cases:

  • The remaining term of the employee’s fixed-term employment contract or posting.
  • The employee’s new fixed-term employment contract or any extension to the employee’s posting.

Multi-year residence permits will not be issued.

Is your family coming with you?

Family members accompanying the holder of a temporary residence permit are not automatically entitled to stay in France. A separate visa and residence permit application must be submitted to the consular or diplomatic authorities in the temporary worker’s place of residence.

For further information, please see the Is your family coming with you? section.