Service provision and work permit

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You are an employee posted to France by an employer established outside France (service provider) ?


As well as obtaining the required work permit, you must declare the posting in advance to the Labor Inspectorate in the place where the service is being performed.

This declaration must be made before the start of the service, by any foreign employer (whether from the EU/EEA/Switzerland or other countries), through a specific teleservice, the SIPSI (also available in Deutsch, French, Italian and Spanish).

More information on this service, can be found on and on the FAQs.

Helpful tip: The foreign company must designate a representative in France.

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This declaration includes the following:

  • The name or corporate name and postal address of the company or establishment that usually employs the employee(s).
  • Its legal form and registration information.
  • The company’s main business.
  • The first and last name, and date and place of birth of each of the company’s senior executives.
  • The name of the organization(s) to which the employer pays social security contributions.
  • The address of the place or successive places at which the service is to be performed.
  • The first and last name, date and place of birth, e-mail address, telephone number and, where applicable, corporate name of the company’s representative in France for the duration of the service.
  • The start date and forecast end date of the service.
  • The main activity performed in the context of the service.
  • The nature of any hazardous work equipment or processes used.
  • The name, address and principal economic activity of the client as well as, where applicable, the client’s SIRET identification number.
  • The first and last name, date and place of birth, address of usual residence and nationality of each posted employee.
  • The date on which the employee’s employment contract was signed.
  • The employee’s professional skills and qualifications.
  • The position to be filled by the employee during the posting together with the associated amount of gross monthly pay.
  • The start date and forecast end date of the posting.The working hours of posted employees.

Foreign companies with no establishment in France must register with theNational Center for Foreign Firms (CNFE) supervised by the URSSAF office in the Bas-Rhin département (Alsace) for employee affiliation and payment of social security contributions (except where exempt under the terms of a social security agreement and posting certificate).

For more information, check our ‘Social protection’ section.

Helpful tip: Obligations on co-contracting parties of employers established outside France
The co-contracting party of a service provider posting one of its employees to France is subject to certain obligations. In particular, it is required to provide the Labor Inspectorate at the place where the service is performed with a subsidiary declaration in the event that the posted employee’s employer has not made the compulsory prior declaration.
This declaration must be made within 48 hours of the start of the service.

Complete a subsidiary declaration