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Europe's leading business Region

Ile-de-France is the prime business region in Europe and one of the most important in the world. By itself it accounts for 4.5% of European GDP. It is distinguished by a highly concentrated productive system, with
1,055,000 businesses, and is home to almost two thirds of headquarters of French businesses employing over 2,000 people. It has the greatest amount of corporate real estate in Europe.

It is the largest employment area in Europe, with six million jobs and a highly skilled labour force (35% of French executives).

Paris is the largest EU stock market in terms of capitalisation, trading and number of listings and Europe’s leading bond market. France leads the asset management industry in continental Europe (ranking second in Europe as a whole), and on this market Paris has an asset management ecosystem unrivalled in Europe. Over 600 specialist companies are established there, and four French firms number among the world’s twenty leading asset managers. Paris has the largest concentration of foreign banks and financial institutions in Europe.

A key region for research and innovation

Ile-de-France is Europe’s leading R&D region with overall R&D spending equivalent to that of Silicon Valley. Research and development provides employment for 162,000 people in global R&D centres and in the many businesses at the forefront of global innovation. This global appeal is underpinned by internationally recognised hubs such as Grand Roissy, La Défense and Paris-Saclay. Ile-de-France currently has a number of competitiveness clusters operating in its area, covering over 4,300 members, including more than 3,600 businesses. The region also has an extremely dense innovation ecosystem, with over a hundred incubators and accelerators to support the growth of entrepreneurial projects. The opening of Station F, the world’s largest incubator, in 2017 is part of this process, bringing together thousands of creators, partners, investors and talents in one spot.

The World’s leading tourist destination

As the world’s leading tourist destination, Ile-de-France receives 49 million tourists a year. The region contains the French capital and is supported by business tourism (Nine million visitors to the region’s 440 trade fairs and 1,110 congresses), its abundance of remarkable heritage and its outstanding cultural offering: 4,000 historical monuments, 140 museums, 700 theatres and cinemas and five opera houses. Its cultural and tourist sites are known throughout the world: Disneyland® Paris, Notre Dame, the Sacré Coeur, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles.

A future-oriented global megalopolis

Ile-de-France has the global ambition of becoming a megalopolis driving future innovation and promoting major international events. By doubling the size of the Paris metro system, the Grand Paris Express – the largest infrastructure project in Europe – will take the region into this new dimension. Paris will also be hosting the 2024 Olympic Games, which will generate major infrastructure and construction projects.

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Paris Region: Come for business, Stay for life


Paris Region has an extensive selection of bilingual programs and international schools open to foreign and French pupils from kindergarden to high school:

  • Near 120 schools with International Sections or Binational sections offering bicultural education and intensive schooling in 17 different foreign languages
  • 7 international public high schools and 2 scheduled for 2021 and 2023
  • A variety of curriculum: International Baccalaureat (IB), European Baccalaureat, A-Levels, High School Diploma, Montessori…
  • Near 40 international schools, including well-known schools: British School of Paris, American School of Paris, Jeannine Manuel, EIB Paris, Marymount…
  • The new European School in Paris-La Défense and other ongoing or upcoming school projects

Sections internationales

Guide to International Education in Paris Region:

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French Tech in Ile-de-France

The startup ecosystem in the Paris Region is today one of the most active in the world:

  • 8,000+ startups with a focus on DeepTech, AI, Big Data, IoT…
  • A multi-industry innovation hub (aeronautic, engineering, ICT, Finance, Biotech and healthtech, mobility, creative industry…)
  • The first concentration of R&D personnel in Europe (162,000 employees), and more than 1,200 public and private R&D labs
  • Europe’s largest and most diversified pool of innovation-oriented talent
  • A wide range of incubators & accelerators covering all sectors (The Paris Region is home of Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus)
  • Europe’s #2 largest inventory of flexible real estate solutions (621 third places)

Paris Region - The Startup Home

Discover Paris Region

Cinephiles and athletes, foodies and nature-lovers, art buffs and world travelers…Life in the Paris Region offers something for everyone.

Enjoy an unforgettable life experience in Paris Region with:

  • Its abundance of remarkable heritage and its outstanding cultural offering: 4,000 historical monuments, 140 museums, 700 theatres and cinemas and 5 opera houses, exhibitions, festivals, theme parks…
  • Its effervescent gastronomy scene: more than 22,000 restaurants, big names in French cuisine, foreign specialties, Parisian cafes, organic cafes,… there is something for every taste!
  • Its 75% green space, lakes and rivers and more than 400 parks, making it the most forested European capital
  • The fitness conscious individuals and families will enjoy an extensive public pool network, numerous bike paths, tennis courts, equestrian centers, golf courses…

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