Nouvelle Aquitaine

Regional GDP

160 000 000 000

Contribution to France's GDP



5 935 603


84 061 km²

Regional capital


A major indistrual region


Nouvelle-Aquitaine is France’s largest region by surface area, and the third largest economic region by GDP. It is home to four major industrial sectors.

As Europe’s leading agricultural region – the secondlargest in terms of the number of organic farms – Nouvelle-Aquitaine boasts a large and diverse agri-food industry : arable crops in Aquitaine and Poitou-Charentes, wine-growing with the vineyards in Bordeaux and Cognac, livestock (meat and dairy) in Limousin and Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Aerospace and defence have an established presence in southwest France, with strong impetus provided bythe Aerospace Valley cluster. Bordeaux is a European aeronautics decision-making centre.

As mainland France’s leading region in terms of woodedareas (2.8 million hectares), Nouvelle-Aquitaine is home to timber harvesting, sawmilling and furniture-making activities, as well as the paper industry.

Thanks to the Energies Stockage cluster, the region is also well-positioned in terms of renewable energies (especially wind, geothermal, marine and solar energy). The cluster brings together stakeholders to address shared challenges, including management of intermittent renewable energies, energy storage including new forms of batteries, solar energy, hydrogen and cooperation with other materials sectors, and digital technology.


A solid ecosystem to support technology transfer and innovation

As France’s leading region in terms of support for R&D, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine ecosystem is home to a large number of clusters, “third places” (fab labs, coworking spaces) and competitiveness hubs that drive innovation in the region’s strategic sectors.

Bordeaux, which has been named a “French Tech city”, promotes ecosystems that are conducive to the creation and growth of start-ups. The Digital Aquitaine cluster provides support and impetus for joint efforts between regional companies and the digital sector. Areas such as virtual and augmented reality, video games, IT services and e-healthcare are expanding and welcoming an increasing number of investors.

27 million tourists per year – One of France most-visited regions

With its 720 km of shoreline, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the second most-visited region in France. Visitors have a vast number of tourist destinations to choose from, set in a variety of landscapes (Bordeaux, the Dune of Pilat, Biarritz, the Arcachon basin, and more).

Welcome to the Nouvelle Aquitaine

Invest in Bordeaux has a mobility package working on : spouse employment, children’s education, Bordeaux’s living environment. Invest in Pau has created a new innovative tool dedicated to the employment of the spouse. Periguord Development has an entire page dedicated to the real estate market, health services, children’s education.


Your contact in the region

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Economic Development & Innovation Agency
6 allée du Doyen Georges Brus, 33600 PESSAC
Te: +
Swann Schlosser  –


One-stop shop in the region

Where to apply for a residence permit

  • Préfecture de la Gironde

BORDEAUX  –  Tel : +33 5 56 90 60 60  –

  • Préfecture de la Vienne

POITIERS  – Tel: +33 5 49 55 70 00  –

  • Préfecture de la Charente-Maritime

LA ROCHELLE  – Tel: +33 5 46 27 43 00  –

  • Préfecture de la Charente

ANGOULÊME  – Tel: +33 5 45 97 62 49  –

  • Préfecture des Deux-Sèvres

NIORT  –  Tel : +33 5 49 08 68 68  –

  • Préfecture de la Haute-Vienne

LIMOGES  –  Tel: +33 5 55 44 18 00  –

  • Préfecture de la Creuse

GUÉRET  – Tel: +33 5 55 51 59 00  –

  • Préfecture de la Corrèze

TULLE  –  Tel: +33 5 55 20 55 20  –

  • Préfecture de la Dordogne

PÉRIGUEUX  –  Tel: +33 5 53 02 24 24  –

  • Préfecture des Landes

MONT-DE-MARSAN  –  Tel: +33 5 58 06 58 06  –

  • Préfecture de Lot-et-Garonne

AGEN  –  Tel : +33 5 53 77 60 47  –

  • Préfecture des Pyrénées-Atlantiques,

PAU  – Tel : +33 5 59 98 24 24  –


List of international schools

The French tech locally

  • Facilities for business set up
  • 15 incubators, including 3 related to public research
  • 9 RETIS quality label tech parks
  • 1 regional technology accelerator and private accelerators
  • + 50 business incubators
  • + 100 third-party sites throughout the region

Significant investment in start-up projects : Fund raising support, Well-developed network of business angels, Strengthening of financing modes: the Region increases its equity participation in investment funds.


French Tech Dynamics


1 French Tech City (Bordeaux), 7 French Tech theme networks:

  • #CleanTech
  • #Mobility in Bordeaux
  • #EdTech
  • #Entertainment (Angoulême, La Rochelle, Niort & Poitiers
  • #HealthTech (Limoges & Bordeaux)
  • #Retail (Bordeaux),
  • #Sport (Basque Country and Landes coast)

Discover the region Nouvelle Aquitaine

  • Extensive, well-preserved natural areas ranging from the Atlantic to the Pyrenees that enjoys a southern climate
  • Leisure activities for every taste (skiing, hiking, surfing, golf, thalassotherapy, festivals: music, Francofolies, Comic book festival, Basque festivals, and more)
  • A multitude of cultural and touristic destinations (village of Saint-Emilion, Citadel of Blaye, Futuroscope, La Rochelle Aquarium, Palmyre Zoo, Lascaux 2, Isle of Ré, Marais Poitevin), and numerous UNESCO heritage sites
  • Many towns and cities with fascinating identity and heritage, including Bordeaux, Limoges, Pau, Bayonne, Biarritz, La Rochelle, Brive and Poitiers.

Live from the region Nouvelle Aquitaine