Regional GDP

€154 billion

Contribution to France's GDP



6 million


31 813 km²

Regional capital


A region at the heart of the first European consumption basin


Situated in the center of Europe’s primary consumption zone, the Hauts-de-France region enjoys an exceptional strategic position for conquering international markets. Establishing your presence in this region provides direct access to 5 major European capitals, concentrating a vast potential of B2B and B2C clients. Within a 300 km radius, equivalent to half a day’s truck transport, you have access to 78 million consumers and €1,500 billion in purchasing power. This area represents both the densest and wealthiest zone in Europe, providing a significant competitive advantage for your business development.

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A land of industry and logistics

Hauts-de-France has always been an industrial hub. The historical connection between the territory and industrial activities has forged a unique expertise and a genuine industrial culture.

Some areas of excellence include:

  • The top railway region in France (in production)
  • The leading automobile region in France (in production)
  • The foremost agri-food region in France (export share)
  • The third-largest region in the chemical industry in France (in terms of employment)
  • An exceptional concentration of gigafactories for electric battery production (3 projects underway within a 90km radius)

The challenges of production are inseparable from those of distribution. Thus, in just a few years, the Hauts-de-France region has transformed into a leading European logistics hub. Multimodality is a real advantage for logistics companies and integrated distribution centers.

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A land of commerce

Due to its position at the crossroads of Northwestern Europe, the Hauts-de-France region has always been a land of commerce and trade. Retail giants like Auchan, Décathlon, La Redoute, among others, were born and developed in the region. Today, their technology needs are met by highly renowned digital service companies such as CGI, IBM, OVH, or the incredible network of innovative startups. Many of these startups are supported by the region’s IT hub: Euratechnologies.


Competitive operating costs

A comparative study of operating costs for sites in Europe conducted by EY allows Hauts-de-France to present major competitive advantages for a decision to establish operations in the region:

  • Highly competitive operating costs for logistics platforms (21% lower than in Europe) and real estate costs (28% lower than in Europe)
  • Favorable cost competitiveness for industrial activities (6% lower than in Europe), with relatively low industrial rents, allowing a favorable positioning (17% lower than in Europe)
  • Favorable cost competitiveness for back-office centers (8% lower than in Europe), with competitive tertiary real estate costs (50% lower than in Europe)

Access the real estate cost comparator: Real estate cost comparator – NFI (nordfranceinvest.com)

Welcome to Hauts-de-France

Do you want to establish your subsidiary in Hauts-de-France?

Nord France Invest, the investment promotion agency in Hauts-de-France, is truly the partner for your establishment. Benefit from tailored, confidential, and cost-free support for your company. After a thorough analysis of your needs, we assist you from the search for solutions phase to the start of your operations.

  • Sending sector-specific data and information on the business environment
  • Searching for land or real estate solutions
  • Welcoming and organizing site visits
  • Finding partners or acquisition opportunities
  • Liaison with public authorities
  • Identifying and mobilizing public assistance and support mechanisms
  • Integration into ecosystems
  • Follow-up after establishment

Your contact in the region:
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Guide for newcomers to Lille

“Reception and Mobility”service of Amiens Métropole and the Amiens Chamber of Commerce

Where to apply for a residence permit


1st French university center for continuous education, nine universities, more than 40 Grandes Écoles (29 engineering schools, six business and management schools, six specialized schools (journalism, design, digital creation, architecture, etc.), nearly 230,000 students, more than 10% of French engineers trained in the region.

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French Tech in Hauts-de-France

Hauts de France is French Tech certified. Presence of HDFID, the Hauts de France Innovation and Development Agency

Innosphère Innovation Eco system Hauts de France

Hauts-de-France labeled French Tech. Presence of HDFID, the Innovation and Development Agency of Hauts-de-France – Innosphère Innovation Ecosystem Hauts-de-France.

The metropolis of Lille and, more broadly, the region of Hauts-de-France has been buzzing with entrepreneurial dynamism for several years, fostering a creative urge for startups across the territory aiming to bring forth competitors on a European, even global, scale.

Thanks to this collaborative effort, French Tech Lille has been recognized as the “French Tech Capital” for the Hauts-de-France region.


French Tech Capital Lille

Discover Hauts-de-France

Les Hauts-de-France sont a land of culture and nature where life is good. Discover in these images the true spirit of Hauts-de-France and let yourself be tempted by the exploration of its landscapes, its history, and its inhabitants.