Grand Est

Regional GDP

€150 billion

Contribution to France's GDP



5.5 million


57 433 km²

Regional capital


An exporting region looking towards Europe


The region is at the heart of Europe, since it is home to the European Parliament building in Strasbourg. Grand Est shares 800 km (500 miles) of border with four countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland) and has attractive urban centers only 45 minutes from Paris.
This gives the region an unrivalled position in Europe and helps to buoy its international trade. With over 12% of national trade and three quarters of EU trade (including 30% with Germany), it has become established as a top-tier exporting region and a logistics hub of choice for investors.


A strong regional manufacturing base

The region’s manufacturing strength is apparent in several highly specialized sectors: metalworking and manufacturing machinery and equipment, the chemicals industry, the wood industry and the agri-food industry. They account for a fifth of the region’s value added and 16% of its jobs.

The European Commission has recognized Grand Est as one of the ten leading industrial transition regions. The region is pursuing a strategy heavily geared towards the bio-economy, drawing on highly developed manufacturing facilities and expertise for production of bio-based materials and molecules from agricultural biomass and forest resources, and based on a Bio-Pact signed with Hauts de France and Ile de France (Paris region).


A region fully committed to the industries of the future

With 11,500 researchers and over 50 technology transfer and innovation bodies, Grand Est has an ecosystem abounding in players in recognized fields: healthcare, mobility, ecological transition, the bio-economy and materials. It has become established as the fourth most important region in France for European patent applications and boasts a number of competitiveness clusters, including IAR (industry and agricultural resources, bio-economy), Véhicule du Futur (cars) and Alsace BioValley (healthcare, biotechnology).

Where to apply for a residence permit

  • Préfecture des Ardennes 
    Adresse : 1, place de la préfecture – B.P. 60002
    08005 Charleville-Mézières cedex
    Téléphone : 03 24 59 66 00
    Préfet : Pascal Joly
  • Préfecture de l’Aube Préfet
    Thierry Mosimann
    2 rue Pierre Labonde CS 20372 -10025 Troyes cedex
    Téléphone : 03 25 42 35 00 | Fax: 03 25 73 77 26
    Courriel :
  • Préfecture de Haute-Marne
    Préfète : Elodie Degiovanni
    89 rue Victoire de la Marne 52011 CHAUMONT Cedex
    Téléphone : 03 25 30 52 52 – Télécopie : 03 25 32 01 26
    Courriel :
  • Préfecture de la Marne
    Préfet : Denis Conus
    1, rue de Jessaint
    CS 50431
    Nous contacter par téléphone: 03 26 26 10 10
  • Préfecture de Meurthe-et-Moselle 
    Préfet : Eric Freysselinard
    1 rue Préfet Claude Erignac
    CS 60031 – 54038 NANCY CEDEX
  • Préfecture de la Meuse
    Préfet : Alexandre Rochatte
    40, rue du Bourg – CS 30512
    55012 BAR-LE-DUC Cedex
    Tél. : – Fax :
  • Préfecture de Moselle 
    Préfet : Didier Martin
  • Préfecture des Vosges
    Préfet : Pierre Ory
    Place Foch
    88026 ÉPINAL Cedex
    Téléphone : (standard)

Your regional contacts

Grand Est Regional Council
David Figuier – Head of Attractiveness and Internationalization
1, place Adrien Zeller
Tel: +33 3 88 15 65 40

French Tech in Grand Est

French Tech East is the French Tech capital of eastern France, a gateway to European markets, which has the ambition of discovering world champions.

French Tech East includes Lorntech and French Tech Alsace.

The missions of French Tech East are to support the development of Deep Tech projects, to promote and support the growth and internationalization of startups and scaleups, and to deploy French Tech tools and systems.

The Grand Est is also present in the French Tech network through the following themes:

  • #healthtech: Nogentech cluster bringing together medical and mechanical companies + France biotech + French tech Alsace
  • #sport: Fabrik du sport in Reims: A Reims association bringing together the sports start-up ecosystem, federations and clubs, as well as sports companies in the Reims region.
  • #fintech: Lorntech is the French Tech Metropolis of the Grand Est, which brings together the four agglomerations of the Sillon Lorrain: Épinal, Metz, Nancy and Thionville. Lorntech is a collective which brings together the operators of the startup ecosystem in Lorraine whose mission it is to stimulate the emergence of innovative projects and to accelerate the growth and international development of Lorntech startups.
  • #Iot #Manufacturing: Lorntech + French Tech Alsace

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