Centre-Val de Loire

Regional GDP

€69 billion

Contribution to France's GDP



2.6 million


39 151 km²

Regional capital


Ideally placed at the heart of France and the european market


On the capital’s southern doorstep (one hour from Paris by motorway or high-speed train, TGV), Centre-Val de Loire is ideally placed logistically to serve the country as a whole and offers access to a large pool of consumers (25 million in a two-hour radius) and to key economic hubs in Europe.
Logistics is a distinguishing feature of the region (ranking it fourth nationally in terms of labor force) owing to its excellent location and extensive infrastructure (motorways, rail and air freight, distribution centers).

A wide range of manufacturing with a number of leading industries

With manufacturing accounting for 19.3% of the region’s value added, Centre-Val de Loire is a firmly industrial area. It has become established as one of France’s leading regions in a number of industries: perfumes and cosmetics (Christian Dior, Shiseido, Procter & Gamble, Gemey-Maybelline and Guerlain, for example), pharmaceuticals (France’s leading region in this sector, ranked third for pharmaceutical exports), aerospace subcontracting, packaging and plastics processing, and mechanical rubber goods.

Cutting-edge R&D helping business to drive its innovation projects

The region has a dense R&D network, with 64 public research units, a number of which are globally recognized (INSERM (medical), INRA (agronomy), CNRS (energetics, electronics), BRGM (geology)), a vibrant private research sector (75% of total R&D spending), and innovation and other clusters.
The main industries are organized in innovation clusters: Cosmetic Valley (leading global resource center for cosmetics: Chartres); S2E2 (smart energy: Tours); Elastopole (rubber and polymers: Orleans) and the Water Cluster (Orleans).

A prime tourist destination

With its 2,500 listed monuments, Centre-Val de Loire attracts nine million visitors annually thanks to its wealth of unspoilt landscapes (Val de Loire, Sologne, Perche, Berry), two of the most visited châteaux in France (Chambord and Chenonceaux), its wine heritage (third largest wine-growing region in France) and its recreational and nature destinations (Beauval Zoo, Center Parcs holiday village, Loire à Vélo cycle route).

Welcome to Centre-Val de Loire

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Vos contact en région

DEVUP CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE | 6 rue du Carbone | 45072 Orléans Cedex 2
https://www.devup-centrevaldeloire.fr | https://www.investinloirevalley.com | Tel: 02 38 88 88 10
Laurent LETHOREY – Attractivity Manager | laurent.lethorey@devup-centrevaldeloire.fr



Where to apply for a residence permit

Prefecture du Loiret/Bureau du séjour
3, rue St Pierre Lentin
45000 Orléans
From abroad: + 33 2 38 81 40 00


  • Two major university centers: Orleans and Tours.
  • Higher education institutions spread throughout the region, with university offices in Bourges, Chartres and Châteauroux.
  • A wide range of general and specific training, particularly in the fields of science and technology.
  • Training adapted to regional economic specificities 89 higher education institutions, 60,000 students, two universities (Orléans and Tours),
  • Six engineering schools: Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Centre-Val de Loire and its School of Nature and Landscape in Bourges (18) and Blois (41) / 2 polytechnic schools in Tours (37) and Orléans (45) / EXIA CESI Ecole d’ingénieurs en informatique in Orléans (45) / Institut des techniques d’ingénieur de l’industrie (ITII) La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (45) / HEI Campus Centre de Formation par apprentissage, Spécialisation mechatronique et robotique in Châteauroux (36) /
  • 6 Instituts universitaires de technologies (IUT): 4,585 students (36) /
  • 2 business schools (36):  higher Business and Management SchoolESCEM in Orléans (45) and Tours (37) : Management; Tourism; Digital; IT / Val de Loire Business and Services School (ECSVL), one CCI Loir-et-Cher in Blois (41) (Tourism-Leisure, Banks and insurance)

French Tech in Centre-Val de Loire

  • A recognized quality label and a regional digital community: French Tech Loire Valley.
  • A digital innovation hub, with three flagship sites in Tours, Orléans and Chartres.
  • 11 digital incubators, three accelerators, 3,400 companies and 17,900 jobs.
  • Nine schools dedicated to digital technology.
  • A regional investment fund Loire Valley Invest (€22 million invested)
  • 19 fablabs
  • 31 co-working spaces.

Discover Centre-Val de Loire

  • 666 classified monuments
  • Nine million tourists/year
  • 3rd French wine-growing region
  • Two national theatres
  • 65 museums
  • 280 km (170 miles) inscribed as UNESCO world heritage sites Numerous major events (Printemps de Bourges, Festival de Loire…) The Châteaux de la Loire
  • The Loire by bicycle (a unique route of 800 km / 500 miles of cycle paths) Key places dedicated to leisure and nature (Parc de Beauval zoo, Center Parcs…) major classified monuments (Chartres Cathedral, Château de Chambord, Val de Loire…)
  • A remarkable natural and cultural heritage: The châteaux of the Loire, the Loire (the last wild river in Europe, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site), renowned gastronomy (tarte Tatin, green lentil of the Berry, Crottin de Chavignol, etc.)
  • Infrastructures dedicated to families
  • More than 300 crèches and nurseries, nearly 300 junior high schools, more than 180 secondary schools