New measures in favor of startups and their talents



On January 20, at the 3rd “Choose France” summit, the Government announced new measures for start-ups and their employees. Thus, since January 1, 2020, the BSPCE regime has been simplified and the “JEI” scheme extended until 2022!



A more flexible BSPCE regime

The Finance Act for 2020 allows foreign start-ups to offer employees of their French subsidiaries a tool for attractiveness and retention : subscription to business creator shares (bons de souscription de parts de créateur d’entreprise – BSPCE).

The BSPCE regime provides start-up employees the right to subscribe to shares at a price set in advance.



Extension of the JEI scheme

The law also extended the “Young Innovative Company” (JEI) scheme until 2022. This JEI status confers a certain number of tax and social exemptions on startups committing research and development expenses. The scheme is likely to be extended again in 2022.




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