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Any successful expatriation requires sufficient advanced preparation.

Before you arrive in the country, you should think about a number of important matters such as visas, residence permits, employment contracts if you are an employee, social security coverage, and tax status. Algerian citizens are covered by a specific immigration scheme.

If you have a family, you will also need to look at how these questions may affect them, too.


Helpful tip: A number of different documents will be essential during your relocation procedures. You may be asked to produce documents to prove your identity, family status, qualifications and professional experience. In many cases, these documents will need to be certified by a consular authority, and you will also need to provide a sworn translation, i.e., one that has been certified to be true and faithful to the original.


The “Welcome to France” online service can lead you every step of the way through the procedures to be completed with a personalized guide.

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