EU, EEA and Swiss nationals

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals

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Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland have the right to move freely within the European Union.

Consequently, they can enter national territory without any admission decision by the authorities and are free to enter French territory without a visa.

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EU and EEA Member States and Switzerland

Austria Greece Norway*
Belgium Hungary Poland
Bulgaria Iceland* Portugal
Croatia Ireland Romania
Cyprus Italy Slovakia
Czech Republic Latvia Slovenia
Denmark Liechtenstein* Spain
Estonia Lithuania Sweden
Finland Luxembourg Switzerland
France Malta United Kingdom
Germany  Netherlands  

* Member States subject to the principle of freedom of movement in France by virtue of belonging to the European Economic Area.

Entry into French territory for EU nationals

To enter French territory, foreign nationals must be in possession of a valid national identity card or passport.

No other documents are required.

EU nationals wishing to live in France must register at the town hall in the municipality where they are staying within 3 months of arriving in France.

Find the relevant town hall

The French authorities reserve the right to refuse entry into French territory.

Bringing your family with you

Foreign nationals may be accompanied by close family members.

The following are considered close family members of EU, EEA and Swiss nationals:

  • Spouse, civil partner or equivalent registered partnership.
  • Children under 21 of the EU/EEA/Swiss national and/or their spouse or partner.
  • Children over 21 of the EU/EEA/Swiss national and/or their spouse or partner who are dependents of the EU/EEA/Swiss national.
  • Direct relatives in the ascending line who are dependents of the EU/EEA/Swiss national or of their spouse or partner.

Formalities for entering French territory differ according to whether or not family members are also EU/EEA/Swiss nationals.

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals

No visa is required for accompanying family members.

Only a valid identity card or passport must be presented upon entering French territory.

Other foreign nationals

Where the members of the EU/EEA/Swiss national’s family are other foreign nationals (‘third country nationals’), they must submit a visa application to the consular authorities in their country of residence, unless they are exempt.


Helpful tip: Spouses or partners of French citizens and members of their families can apply for a long-stay visa marked Famille de Français (‘Family of a French national’).


The French authorities take particular care to ensure that visas for family members of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are issued as quickly as possible, under a fast-track procedure, to make it as easy as possible for them to enter France.

Under this fast-track procedure, it should typically take no longer than four weeks to obtain a visa. Furthermore, family members of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are not required to pay any visa fees.

For further details, please see the following sections: ‘Is your family coming with you?’