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“Acoss, the Urssaf network’s national fund, has partnered with France’s official digital startup incubator ( to launch a new website for foreign entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in France:

Foreign entrepreneurs are faced with a large number of unknowns when setting up shop in France: creating a business, social protection, and hiring are areas in which these individuals need assistance. This is where comes in.

By providing simple, English-language information, this streamlined website provides stepby- step guidance to entrepreneurs that helps them create a business, understand how France’s social protection system works, hire employees, and assess how much this will cost using a special estimation tool.

When they open their smartphone, computer, or tablet, entrepreneurs can view business creation processes that provide a fast, easy way to understand and select the appropriate legal form for their company. They can run a quick estimate of hiring costs and social contributions and access workable, interactive checklists that point them over to other websites that can be useful to their project.

Acoss’ Director of European and International relations Bruno Grégoire has this to say: “We designed Mycompanyinfrance based on input from foreign businesses. Our idea was to bring together the core information on business creation through a single website that offers entrepreneurs a clear, dynamic, and concrete business creation experience. We also wanted to show that the French system is no more complex than others when you can access the right information.”

In the long term, this website can be upgraded based on user feedback and needs by bringing additional authorities on board to provide information on taxes, infrastructures, area attractiveness, or education.”

Nous avons conçu Mycompanyinfrance en étant à l’écoute des entreprises étrangères. Notre idée consistait à rassembler dans un même site, l’essentiel des informations relatives à la création d’entreprises en offrant à l’entrepreneur une expérience pédagogique, dynamique et concrète de son projet de création.

Bruno GREGOIRE, Directeur des relations Européennes et Internationales à l’Acoss

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