Welcoming displaced people from Ukraine in France

The Council of the European Union activated on March 4, 2022 an emergency mechanism to offer temporary protection to displaced persons from Ukraine in the Member States of the EU, granting them a temporary right to stay and work.

Travelling to France and the Schengen area


Ukrainian citizens holding a biometric passport do not need a short-stay visa to travel to the Schengen area and thus to France.


Those who wish to travel to France and do not have a biometric passport (or do not have a travel document) are invited to go to one of the consular offices in the countries bordering Ukraine (Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc.) so that their situation can be examined (to obtain a visa or a travel pass).


Within the Schengen area, Ukrainian nationals have a legal stay of 90 days. They can, if they wish, obtain protection in the country where they are staying.

Staying in France more than 90 days

Ukrainian citizens wishing to stay beyond 90 days and settle in France

Ukrainian citizens wishing to stay beyond 90 days in France are invited to quickly contact the prefecture of their place of residence via their website to request an extension of their right to stay.


Implementation of a temporary protection for displaced people from Ukraine

Temporary protection is an exceptional measure authorized by the decision of the Council of the European Union on March 4th, 2022.

The persons concerned by this measure are Ukrainians, refugees in Ukraine, as well as foreigners who have legal and permanent residence in Ukraine and who cannot safely and permanently return to their country or region of origin. The families of the above-mentioned persons are also concerned.

These persons can also benefit from:

  • A right to stay in France ;
  • the access to the labour market or the ability to create a company ;
  • A support in accessing housing;
  • An access to care through health care;
  • An access to school for minor children.

If you want to apply for a temporary protection, please contact the prefecture of the department where you live or are staying.


More information here
(conditions, rights, procedure)


Source : interieur.gouv.fr



You left Ukraine and you need help?

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You can also find a dedicated FAQ here and a dedicated welcome booklet here.


Ukrainian citizens who were already present on French territory

In the case of Ukrainian citizens already present on French territory and holding a residence permit, their residence permit will be automatically extended by 3 months as the expiration date approaches.

"I have asked to extend all Ukrainians’ residence permits that will expire in the next few days or weeks. They will all have their residence permits extended for at least 90 days."

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior