Unemployment benefits

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In the event of involuntary loss of employment (redundancy, mutual contract termination, etc.), an insuree can receive unemployment benefits on condition that they have worked for at least four months.


Helpful tip: Coverage is identical in mainland France and in the overseas departments. With the shift in the social security system Mayotte, as part of its transformation into a department, the social security system was adapted to the common system. Nonetheless, some specific features remain. They are listed in our distinct fact sheet.


As of November 1, 2019, potential beneficiaries must be able to prove that they have worked 130 days over the last 24 months to be able to claim unemployment benefits.

To be eligible, they must be registered as a job seeker with Pôle Emploi, the government department responsible for supporting job seekers in their search for employment.

The amount of job seeker’s allowance, and the length of time for which it will be paid, depend on the contributions the individual has paid into the General Social Security System and the duration for which they have done so.

Source : Pole-emploi.fr

Use the calculator provided by Pôle Emploi to determine your entitlements.




As of November 1, 2019, any employee who decides to leave their job so as to start their own business is entitled to unemployment benefits if they can prove that they worked for their employer for at least five years. Previously, unemployment benefits were only paid to those who had been made redundant involuntarily.

Resignations that are deemed legitimate by Pôle Emploi (the national employment agency) are treated in the same manner as involuntary redundancies and therefore grant access to unemployment benefits (relocation for personal reasons and depending on circumstances, vocational training, setting up or taking over a business, etc.).


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