France: a creative, attractive investment location for entrepreneurs

Published on 28 September 2018

For the eighth year in a row, Business France has published the “France Attractiveness Scoreboard”, in conjunction with the French Treasury Directorate (DG Trésor) at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, and the French Commission for Regional Equality (CGET).

The Scoreboard’s vast array of facts, figures and comparative analysis substantiate France’s structural advantages that continue to play such a fundamental role in its attractiveness to business, while also underlining the positive effect of reforms undertaken to boost the competitiveness of the French economy.

France remains very much open to foreign talent and investment, enjoying major advantages that aid its international promotion as a business destination: a large domestic market and central location, outstanding multimodal transport infrastructure making it an ideal export hub, a highly qualified and productive workforce, and superb quality of life.

The publication’s analysis of economic indicators highlights France’s innovation capacity, thriving enterprise culture and industrial prowess.

Click here to read the full report, along with the press kit and the press release (both available in English).