Extending your stay


Upon expiry of a long-stay visa, the holder must leave the country. Failure to leave France upon expiry of a long-stay visa makes the holder an unauthorized resident in France, and thus liable to a fine. Failure in this instance will also be taken into account if the holder applies for another visa.

The visa also allows the holder to apply for a residence permit to settle in France. Foreign nationals wishing to extend their stay must contact the Préfecture in their place of residence 2 months before their visa expires to obtain a residence permit authorizing them to stay in France.


  Helpful tip: Some Préfectures require a longer notice period. It may be advisable to arrange an appointment with the authorities three to four months before your visa expires. For further information, please contact the relevant Préfecture. Find the relevant Préfecture

For further information, please see the ‘Which type of residence permit should I apply for?’ section.